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The Benefits of Surface Finishing for Industrial Equipment

Regardless of the industry, production methods are always more intense and equipment is strained in harsh environments (cold, humidity, etc.).

Manufacturers need their equipment to perform exceptionally well over the long term, since breakdowns and machine failures result in significant financial losses.

Surface finishing is a great way to preserve equipment, even in challenging conditions. With the right method and the right team, surface treatments can protect production equipment, extend its lifespan and improve its performance. Find out how surface finishing works in this article!

What is surface finishing?

Simply put, surface treatments are used to clean and seal metals. The objective is to maximize paint adhesion and corrosion protection.

All kinds of manufacturing in Quebec require surface finishing: automobile, agricultural and construction machinery, household appliances, HVAC systems, etc.

However, not all surfaces are treated in the same way. The treatment will differ depending on the work environment, the industry in question and the type of material that needs finishing.

Types of surface treatment

Here are some of the most commonly used surface finishing methods:

Equipment cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a process that removes oil, oxides, contaminants and other foreign substances from equipment and machinery. Some cleaning processes, such as sandblasting and lapping, use abrasives and grinding and can therefore be considered both cleaning and polishing methods.

There are also effective new cleaning techniques such as dry ice blasting and ultrasonic baths that are becoming increasingly popular.

Cleaning is often a prerequisite for other types of equipment protection, such as applying coatings.

Surface polishing

Polishing is used to smooth a surface and usually requires friction with a wheel or a brush. However, there are other methods such as chemical polishing and electropolishing, which involve dissolving a bit of the surface to make it smooth.

Coating application

Coating application is the process of putting paint onto a surface, which is usually done to improve corrosion resistance.

Electrostatic painting is a type of coating where the paint particles are charged so that static electricity helps them adhere more effectively to the surface. Powder coating is another type of electrostatic process. Electrodeposition coating is a method of painting a surface that involves electrolyzing a special paint solution and is commonly used on auto bodies.


Plating is the process of covering a surface with a thin layer of another metal. The process is generally done on metals like iron to give them better corrosion resistance.

In some cases, plating can be applied to the surface of plastics for decorative purposes, but this usage has declined in recent years due to improvements in coating technology.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment hardens the surface of metals to improve their resistance to wear. By heating and cooling the metal in specific ways, the structure of the surface is changed, making it harder and more durable.

The importance of having your equipment treated by experts

Increasing the durability of industrial equipment and providing efficient treatment are top priorities for surface finishing companies.

Industry leaders meet regulations and client expectations by using high-performance metal treatment additives and ingredients, offering flexible services, being efficient with resources and limiting toxic materials.

Customized services and treatments for your equipment

Manufacturers and material suppliers are now expected to achieve improved performance in harsh environments while using solutions that support sustainability goals. Trexo products can be used in various industries to improve the performance and lifespan of equipment made of a variety of materials, including metals, aluminum, glass and more.

Solutions Trexo: first-rate surface finishing services in Quebec

Solutions Trexo’s broad range of high-performance additives enables us to provide efficiency, durability and a competitive level of sustainability.

Our experience, innovation and knowledge of industrial processes make Solutions Trexo an ideal partner for your surface finishing needs. To find out more about our equipment treatments, feel free to call us or fill out the online form available on our contact page.