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Your industrial cleaning company

With 30 years of experience in the industrial sector, Solutions Trexo can handle all types of surface treatment, coating and equipment repairs.

Our industrial cleaning company has been providing industry-specific solutions since 1987. Located in the greater metropolitan area, our company offers services throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces. Built on a family structure, our core values are health and safety in the workplace, high quality standards and integrity.

About Solutions TREXO

Industrial cleaning for your business in Quebec and Ontario

Always keeping up with technological advances in cleaning, Trexo has successfully adapted to offer the best surface treatment, industrial painting and equipment refurbishment processes available.

We work on-site in your facilities according to your needs, using modern cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly processes. Our industrial cleaning services are available in the food, pulp and paper, mining, civil, manufacturing and other sectors.

Tailored service, rapid turnaround and thorough equipment cleaning

No matter the size of your project, our team will offer solutions adapted to your needs. We provide ongoing training to our team members to ensure that they meet the most stringent health and safety standards in the industry.

Our services

Industrial Plant Cleaning

Trexo has all the resources to safely and effectively clean your installations.

Equipment Refurbishing

Offering cleaning and coating application services ,Trexo improves the condition of your equipment.

Coating Application

We carry out paint and coating application using high quality products to meet your requirements.

Dry Ice Blasting

The dry ice blasting technology has a wide span of benefits. It is efficient, eco-friendly and versatile.

Traitement de surface importance

Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is a particularly effective solution for industrial cleaning.

Service jet de soda

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is a very effective process for removing contaminants from a surface without causing damage

Nettoyage au jet deau

Water blasting

Water blasting is perfectly suited for cleaning large areas.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe and effective method for mechanical parts with hard-to-reach cavities.

Why you should trust our industrial cleaning services

Qualified Employees

Each of our team members is trained and qualified to follow all working procedures in terms of health and safety at work.

Since 1957, our company’s expertise has earned us a reputation and the satisfaction of our customers. This has made us one of the leading industrial cleaning companies in Quebec.

Onsite Projects

We carry out onsite projects that include the assessment of needs, implementation of a working method as well as completing the work safely.

Our goal is to do the best possible job while not disturbing your employees. We know how to adapt to different types of constraints, regardless of the industry we are dealing with.

Adapted Equipment

We have the adapted equipment to carry all types of work as quickly as possible on a small, medium to large scale.

We are committed to being at the forefront of technology when it comes to our equipment and methods, so that we can offer you a cleaning service that is always more efficient, faster and environmentally friendly.

Some of our esteemed clients include

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