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Industrial cleaning for printing plants

Industrial Printing Plant Cleaning Service

In the printing industry, cleaning and maintenance play a big role in sustaining safe operations and efficient production processes. At Trexo, we fully understand the unique challenges of industrial cleaning for the printing industry.

We have extensive experience in cleaning printing plants, and our team has the skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of complex situations. We also have the right equipment to clean both print presses and printing facilities of all sizes and types.

Our methods are designed to provide a safe and productive working environment, in compliance with all industrial safety and maintenance standards.

Trexo: industrial cleaning for printing companies

At Trexo, we take things to the next level when it comes to industrial cleaning and maintenance for printing plants. We specialize in identifying and managing risks specific to the printing industry so that all cleaning operations scrupulously comply with safety standards and environmental regulations.

When you choose our industrial cleaning company, you’re partnering with professionals who understand why your printing plant needs to be a clean and safe workplace. We are committed to delivering outstanding results with every job.

Industrial cleaning services for printing companies in Quebec and Ontario

Since its creation in 1987, Trexo Solutions has established itself as a benchmark in industrial cleaning, particularly in the printing sector. Our team offers professional cleaning services for print presses, printing plants and other printing machinery in Quebec and Ontario.

Every intervention is approached with the same care and diligence: with Trexo, you can reap the benefits of an efficient dry ice printing plant cleaning service that is respectful of the environment.

Industrial cleaning for your printing company: an exceptional service

Industrial cleaning offers many advantages for commercial printing companies:

Removal of inks and toner residues
Cleaning of paper debris and scraps
Removal of production debris
Degreasing of presses and heavy equipment
Surface maintenance, to remove industrial hazards
Removal of corrosive deposits and ink residues
Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
Equipment refurbishing

Why choose an industrial cleaning service for your printing plant?

Professional industrial cleaning services guarantee safety and improve performance in commercial printing facilities. Trexo teams can effectively remove inks, paper dust and other pollutants, and protect your equipment to make your workplace safer for your employees. Professional maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your machinery and optimizes printing processes, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and interruptions while meeting your commitments to safety and the environment.

Choosing our printing plant cleaning service is a wise investment in the reliability and efficiency of your printing operations.

Choose Trexo to clean and maintain printing plants in Quebec and Ontario

Whether your site is based in Quebec or Ontario, Trexo Solutions can keep your printing plant clean and safe. We’re ready to step up to any challenge with a range of industrial cleaning and equipment maintenance solutions.

Our industrial cleaning services for the printing industry are marked by quality and adaptability. We are proud to meet the stringent expectations of all our customers. Our strengths include:

  • Qualified teams trained to select the most effective cleaning methods
  • Use of advanced technologies and a wide range of equipment
  • Successful cleaning projects in the printing industry
  • The ability to operate in a variety of locations, both in Quebec and Ontario
  • RBQ certification and membership of Alcumus SafeContractor.

If you need professional industrial cleaning services, just give us a call.

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