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Abrasive blasting

Sandblasting service

Sandblasting is a widely used surface preparation and cleaning technique in the industrial sector. No wonder, it has many benefits such as rapid turnaround for large scale projects and versatility for removing the toughest contaminants.

Solutions Trexo has been using this process for several decades, which gives us unparalleled sandblasting expertise in Quebec and Ontario.

On top of being able to serve a wide range of industries thanks to the variety of abrasives we use, we can collect the particles for reuse or recycling.

Whether you are in Quebec or Ontario, let us take care of your sandblasting project to decontaminate your industrial equipment.

Solutions Trexo, your sandblasting expert in Montreal and Quebec

Abrasive blasting is used for projects that require fast turnaround. After reviewing your request and analyzing your needs, our team of industrial cleaning specialists will come to you immediately, whether in Quebec or in Ontario.

We use Blast N’Vac technology which collects and reduces dust to a minimum during stripping. Our surface treatment methods respect the preparation standards established by the SSPC.

We also pay special attention to the health of our team and our customers. We are equipped with the best safety equipment available including breathing systems, protective masks and sandblasting suits.

Take advantage of all our industrial cleaning solutions

Sandblasting is only part of Solutions Trexo’s expertise. Since 1987, our company has been committed to offering state-of-the-art solutions for stripping, cleaning, preparing or maintaining the tools of the plants that trust us. Join our many satisfied clients in using our services to benefit from the many advantages we offer, including:

● Machine optimization
● Increased productivity
● Improved well-being and work environment
● Improved corporate image

Solutions Trexo chooses the right abrasive for your equipment

Here are some examples of projects and the type of media used for each application:

Bridge structure - Sand
Rock crusher - Crushed glass
Reservoir - Sand
Mining shovel - crushed glass
Walls - crushed glass
Prep before passivation - glass beeds
Epoxy - nut shells
Valves - nut shells
Farming equipment - corn cob
Dust collector - crushed glass
Tubes/Canals - sand w/Blast N’ Vac
Heating systems - glass beeds

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of blasting a high-pressure jet of abrasive material against equipment. The purpose is to smooth a rough surface and remove contaminants such as tar and urethane.

Abrasive blasting makes use of a variety of particles and contaminants to clean the surface of a material. These particles can be propelled in a dry or wet state.

In addition to its power to decontaminate, sandblasting can be used for cleaning. It is perfect for areas where dust management is not a major constraint, although it can also be used to reduce the dust generated by wet blasting.

Choosing the right abrasion method is crucial to obtaining the best results. This means entrusting the cleaning of your industrial equipment to qualified specialists like the team at Solutions Trexo.

Why choose Solutions Trexo for sandblasting?

The effectiveness of sandblasting depends greatly on the experience of the crew in charge of the project.

This is because having a variety of abrasives available provides optimal cleaning and Solutions Trexo offers a variety of media. Depending on your needs, we will choose the best one:

● Crushed glass blasting: used with different particle sizes depending on the work to be done.

● Glass bead blasting: used for applications where the surface finish is a constraint.

● Garnet blasting: generates very little dust and is particularly effective for large-scale work

● Walnut shell blasting: considered as “agricultural” blasting media, the use of nutshells is ideal for tough contaminants and this media also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

If you want more information about our methods or our expertise, please contact us today.

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