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Aerospace and Aviation Parts Cleaning Service

Aerospace and Aviation Parts Cleaning Service

In the aviation industry, cleanliness and safety are key to guaranteeing high performance and passenger safety. At Trexo, we understand the unique challenges related to providing effective industrial cleaning within this sector.

With years of experience in cleaning aircraft parts and structures, our team has the skills and expertise to manage a range of complex situations.

We are prepared to meet all types of demand for industrial cleaning within the aerospace industry, from aircraft maintenance hangars to component manufacturing facilities, including the cleaning of specialized equipment. Our customized approach is guaranteed to leave you with a hygienic and safety-compliant production or maintenance environment.

Trexo: aerospace cleaning professionals

At Trexo, we have the skills and knowledge to exceed standard cleaning procedures. We effectively identify and manage risks specific to the aviation sector, so that all cleaning operations are carried out in compliance with current safety standards and environmental regulations.

When you choose our industrial cleaning company, you’re putting your trust in a partner who understands the link between a clean and safe working environment and success in the aviation industry. We are committed to delivering top results every time.


Aviation and aerospace cleaning services in Quebec and Ontario 

Since being founded in 1987, Trexo has become a leader in the field of industrial cleaning. Today, we offer specialized services within the aviation and aerospace industry throughout Quebec and Ontario. Our team boasts in-depth expertise and unrivalled knowledge, which they put at your service to clean your aeronautical facilities and equipment efficiently and thoroughly.

Each cleaning operation is carried out with care, so you can benefit from total environmental protection and maximum efficiency.

Industrial cleaning for the aerospace industry: the key to a healthy production environment

Industrial cleaning in aviation facilities includes multiple benefits and services:

Removal of technical and chemical residues
Cleaning of fine particles and sticky substances
Removal of industrial debris
Degreasing of maintenance machines
Surface maintenance to prevent cross-contamination
Removal of bacterial deposits and biofilms
Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
Equipment refurbishing

Why choose a specialized aviation and aerospace cleaning service?

A specialized industrial plant cleaning service can help maintain hygiene and safety in the aviation industry. Professional cleaners will effectively remove technical debris, grease and other contaminants to protect your equipment and preserve employee safety.

Professional industrial cleaning helps to extend the life of equipment and optimize the efficiency of aircraft maintenance and production processes. It minimizes the risk of malfunctions and downtime, while upholding your company’s commitments to safety and the environment.

When you choose our cleaning service, you are investing in the reliability and efficiency of your aircraft production facility.

Why choose Trexo for aerospace and aviation parts cleaning in Quebec and Ontario?

Whether your company operates in Quebec or Ontario, Trexo is proud to help you maintain impeccable hygiene in your aviation facilities through a variety of cleaning and equipment repair services.

Our customers appreciate our versatility and commitment to delivering thes best possible services. Our strengths include:

  • Experienced teams who select the most appropriate cleaning methods
  • Modern equipment and a wide range of accessories
  • Successful cleaning projects in various industrial sectors
  • Availability in a variety of locations across Quebec and Ontario
  • RBQ certification, and members of Alcumus SafeContractor.

If you need professional cleaning services, go ahead and give us a call.

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