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Water blasting

Water Blasting Services

Most people in Canada are familiar with high-pressure water blasting. But did you know that it’s also great for industrial-level cleaning jobs? Water blasting is environmentally friendly and effective at cleaning most contaminants.

Trexo has the right expertise and equipment to carry out water blasting work quickly and affordably. Like all Trexo services, our water blasting is a turnkey service.

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Water blasting services for your equipment

We have specialized equipment for any and all industrial cleaning situations.

Our water blasting equipment is perfectly suited to your large-scale cleaning needs. For example, we have special nozzles to clean even the hardest to reach areas. 

Our equipment uses more pressure and higher flow rates than standard cleaning equipment. We also have equipment that works with hot water.

Industrial water blasting services in Quebec and Ontario

Trexo has been carrying out industrial cleaning work since 1987. Our professionals have the experience and the expertise necessary to thoroughly clean your facility and equipment.

Solutions Trexo is committed to meeting the highest environmental standards. That’s why we use only the best, most eco-friendly products. Our trained staff ensures that all blasting and vacuuming services are safe and environmentally friendly.

Effective on a Wide Range of Contaminants

There are many cases where water blasting is the best option. It’s effective against various types of contaminants, including:

Calcium build up
Oil residue
Chemical residue
Paint degradation
Air pollutants

Why choose water blasting for your industrial equipment?

Water blasting aims a pressurized stream of water at a surface to remove contaminants. The water stream’s exact pressure can be adjusted to the specific job and is effective on a wide range of surfaces.

Water blasting is perfect for cleaning large areas. It deep cleans to remove contaminants in environments where worker health or product quality is at risk. You can also use water blasting to prepare surfaces for coating.

This method is also an eco-friendly alternative to other cleaning solutions. It doesn’t create dust and is effective against water-soluble contaminants. Water blasting is perfect for surfaces that cannot withstand abrasive cleaning methods. When combined with degreasing soap, it can be even more effective. That’s why we developed and use TR-12, an ultrasonic cleaning agent.

Why choose Solutions Trexo our water blasting company?

Is your company located in Quebec or Ontario? We will gladly help restore your equipment’s value, whether through our different cleaning services or our equipment refurbishment service.

We are driven by a desire to exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer wide-ranging, high-quality cleaning services.

At Trexo, our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can expect:

  • Experienced teams that know how to select the best possible cleaning method
  • State of the art machines with specialized accessories
  • Experience with major cleaning projects across a large variety of industries
  • Services available in both Quebec and Ontario
  • RBQ certification and CogniBox membership

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