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Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services in Quebec and Ontario

Are you looking for a way to remove even the most tenacious contaminants and grime? Cleaning with ultrasonic baths is an effective method offered by Solutions Trexo. It is safe and works particularly well on parts with crevices that are difficult to access.

Since its launch in 1987, Trexo has been developing top of the range cleaning techniques on an industrial scale. Using an ultrasonic cleaner is a safe, effective method for mechanical parts with hard-to-reach cavities.

We are experts in ultrasonic cleaning, in addition to the variety of other industrial cleaning services we offer. Whether you’re located in Quebec or Ontario, contact us if you would like to use our ultrasonic cleaning bath service. Our team will give new life to your equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning for industrial parts

Solutions Trexo has been innovating for over 30 years. We offer our clients a comprehensive array of cleaning services for their businesses, including our cutting-edge industrial cleaning package using ultrasonic baths.

This type of intensive cleaning uses immersion in liquid and high-frequency sound waves to dislodge contaminants, including dirt, oil and grease. The ultrasonic cleaning baths provide a powerful, deep clean and reach areas that other cleaning processes cannot.

Other cleaning solutions we offer!

In addition to ultrasonic bath treatment, Solutions Trexo offers a wide range of other cleaning services:

We also provide industrial painting and coating and equipment refurbishment services across Quebec and Ontario.

Whatever your needs are, contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Ultrasonic bath, the cleaning solution for a variety of equipment

An ultrasonic bath can be used to clean:

Electronic boards
Tube Exchangers
Plate Exchangers
Mechanical parts
Machining Residue
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Ducted Fans
Machine moulds
Dental Equipment

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaning works by immersing contaminated parts in a bath that generates ultrasonic waves. These waves create a mechanical effect that dislodges all the contaminants that have built up on the parts’ surfaces. Thecleaning bath is full of an aqueous solution, that is often heated to weaken the contaminants’ hold on the parts.

The ultrasonic waves form tiny cavitation bubbles that, when popped, help to gently loosen accumulations of contaminants, rust and embedded dirt, returning the parts back to their original condition.

What is the ultrasonic cleaning process?

A multi-step cleaning process may be required to remove the toughest contaminants.  

The first step of the process is soaking and ultrasonic cleaning. Manual cleaning may be needed to speed up the process. A second soaking in the ultrasonic bath is often recommended. The final step of the process involves rinsing the mechanical parts to eliminate all traces of the aqueous solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning treatment can be very effective for a wide variety of mechanical parts. It’s important to allow the parts to dry at the end of the cleaning process. Solutions Trexo has the expertise needed to perform the procedure efficiently and effectively.

Why trust Solutions Trexo with your ultrasonic cleaning?

With its considerable expertise, Trexo has developed TR-12, a cleaning agent designed specifically for ultrasonic cleaning industrial parts. TR-12 has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We use this industrial cleaning technique for parts that are irregularly shaped or have crevices that might prevent methods such as soda blasting and dry ice blasting from being effective. With our variety of cleaning techniques, we are able to achieve outstanding results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

If you want to find out more about ultrasonic cleaning or make use of our services, contact us by phone or fill out our contact form.

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