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Application of coatings

Protect your Investment

Extend the life of your investments and help keep its value. At Solutions Trexo, we have the technology and the coatings you need to protect your equipment, structures and buildings.

Every coating has a particular preparation required before application. We possess the means to prep all types of surfaces, depending on which is best suited for the task at hand. We prepare surfaces  using dry ice blasting, sand blasting, soda blasting, high pressure water blasting, paint stripping or power tool cleaning. We understand how important the painting process can be, to revitalize, to protect or simply to give a new look. With the right preparation and proper coating we can stop rusting and corrosion. When it is needed we are even able to reconstruct a surface.

The types of coatings are continuously changing along with the way they are applied. At Solutions Trexo, we offer all types of systems to meet our clients needs. Along with our supplier we will always suggest the best coating required for the purpose it is intended. If it need to be submersible, to withstand extreme heat or stand up to unfavorable weather conditions, we have the right product. Our application process also changes, always to obtain the best finish (HVLP, electrostatic, airless, manually). After application, it is of upmost importance being able to control the surrounding environment to ensure the best finish. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, we always choose the best paint or coating to leave the client satisfied.

Trust in Our Expertise

The advantages to choosing us for paint and coating application:

You don’t have to lift a finger
High quality and durable
In office or at home application
Preparation of the highest standard
Revitalize you parts, equipment and structure
Surface protection
Indoor or outdoor application
Excellent control during painting and cure steps

You have painting needs or want a special type of coating applied ? With our large inventory and specialized equipment, we will always leave you with a high quality service and durable product.                              

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