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Application of coatings

Industrial coating and painting services

Our industrial painting service brings value back to your investments. Trexo has the best surface treatment technologies and performs industrial coating for many types of industries. We treat equipment, structures and buildings.

We understand that coating is essential to maintain the life of equipment and facilities. It protects, enhances and improves the appearance. We make sure to deliver a long-lasting, high-quality result.

Whether in Quebec or in Ontario, our team of industrial painters can come to you quickly and protect your industrial equipment by applying custom coatings.

A state-of-the-art coating service

To achieve the best possible results, our industrial painters adapt their methods and offer customized solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Together with our suppliers, we offer coatings adapted to the sometimes severe conditions to which parts, structures and equipment are subjected, such as immersion, extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.
In fact, for an optimal coating application, it is crucial to adapt to the surrounding conditions. We can do this thanks to our mastery of different application methods: HVLP, electrostatic, airless or manual.

Finally, Trexo ensures that the highest application standards are met. We make sure that our customers have the best industrial coatings and paints on the market.


Solutions Trexo, your industrial cleaning expert

Corrosion can only be stopped by choosing a suitable preparation method and the right coating for the job. Each coating system requires specific preparations before application. With a variety of surface treatment processes available, we ensure optimal conditions for the type of coating selected. We offer surface preparation methods such as dry ice blasting, abrasive blasting, soda blasting, water pressure, stripping and concrete grinding.

Being able to adapt our preparation method to the equipment or industry gives us great confidence in the success of the coating application.

Hire our expert industrial painters

Some advantages of choosing our industrial paint and coating application services:

You don’t have to lift a finger
High quality and durable
In office or at home application
Preparation of the highest standard
Revitalize you parts, equipment and structure
Surface protection
Indoor or outdoor application
Excellent control during painting and cure steps

What is industrial painting?

The main purpose of industrial paint application is to provide a protective coating for the substrate against chemical and physical damage.

To meet these objectives, industrial paint is composed of several elements:

● Pigments for color and opacity
● Binders to form the adherent film after the paint has dried
● Solvents that make the coating hold durably
● Other ingredients to enhance the quality of the paint depending on the material to be protected and the environment

We focus on finding the right paint system for the different environments in which the paint is used.

Why trust Solutions Trexo with your industrial painting in Quebec and Ontario?

The durability of the treated surfaces depends on the choice of the application method and the industrial paint to be used. This is why this work should be handled by experts.

Expert analysis is crucial. If your equipment and environment are not properly monitored, the final coating produced by the paint will likely have some defects. Common defects that occur as a result of improper application include cracks, micro-bubbles, craters, creases, wrinkles, internal corrosion, sagging and drying problems.

You can avoid them by consulting the specialists at our industrial painting company and getting the right advice on the maintenance of your industrial facilities.

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