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Industrial plant cleaning

Industrial warehouse cleaning service

At Trexo, we rely on our vast knowledge of cleaning methods to provide you with the best industrial plant cleaning service. Our team has the training and experience necessary for large-scale industrial cleaning projects.

We’ve been committed to customer satisfaction and employee well-being since 1987. Are you looking for an industrial plant or warehouse cleaning service in Quebec or Ontario? Get in touch with us today! Your business will benefit from a healthier and safer work environment.

Factory and warehouse cleaning service in Quebec and Ontario

At Trexo, we understand that productivity is the #1 priority for our clients. Our industrial cleaning team has flexible work schedules so that we can adapt to your business demands and production needs. You can hire us for regular or occasional plant cleaning. Our technicians can also perform daily tasks set by your maintenance team.

We tailor our cleaning services to your precise needs. But no matter the project, you can rely on our experts to clean your warehouse or factory without disrupting your daily operations.

Health and safety is our top priority

We follow strict protocol so that we can safely carry out cleaning jobs in any location—extremely tall structures, enclosed spaces and even areas with electrical hazards. Before each project, we hold a health and safety meeting with a client representative to mitigate risks and ensure that the work is carried out properly.

Trexo can implement additional measures as needed, e.g. partitioning, HEPA air filtration, protecting the surrounding equipment or anything else the client requests.

Comprehensive surface treatment methods

Our experts are well-versed in a variety of different surface treatment methods, including dry ice blastingwater blastingultrasonic cleaning, vacuuming and more! This means we can select the best method to meet your industrial plant cleaning needs.

There can be many kinds of contaminants in an industrial plant: years of dust build-up, production-related contaminants, localized contamination, mould etc. To make your work environment feel as good as new, our industrial cleaning team will implement the best practices to remove all traces of these contaminants from your site.

Industrial cleaning for a wide range of industries

Here are some examples of production plants that would benefit from Trexo’s premium industrial cleaning service:

Molding & Injection
Fabrication plant
Chemical products
Pulp and paper
Energy and automation

Why hire Trexo Solutions to clean your factory?

Every day, companies trust us to clean and maintain their facilities. There are many reasons to use our industrial cleaning service:

To ensure that your industrial equipment runs smoothly, thanks in particular to the additional services we offer such as equipment refurbishment or industrial painting

To provide optimal working conditions for your employees, which increases their well-being, and therefore their productivity

To maximize workplace safety, comply with health standards and limit the risk of accidents

To keep the building in good condition overall and avoid major repair costs in the future

Hiring in-house industrial cleaning teams can be expensive and time-consuming. Let Solutions Trexo take care of everything for you. You can focus on more important matters and remain confident that your facilities are clean and well-maintained.

Trexo is a member of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and has over 30 years of experience in the industrial sector. Contact us today!

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