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Industrial plant cleaning

The Importance of a Clean Environment

Trexo offers industrial plant cleaning services, highlighting its knowledge of the different cleaning methods. Our team has the specific training to carry out cleaning work in an industrial environment. 

With our expertise in surface treatment such as cleaning with dry ice, water jet blasting, using ultrasound bath or even  vacuum cleaning, Trexo has the ability to meet the different needs and requirements when it comes to industrial plant cleaning. There are numerous types of contaminants: years worth of dust accumulation, production debris, natural debris, mold and rust. While keeping Health and Safety at the core of our values, all our procedures and training allow us to complete jobs at a great height, in confined spaces and even in environments with electrical risks. Before starting any project, we have a health and safety meeting with someone who represents the client to be sure we can deliver our service while controlling any harmful risks. For certain jobs, Trexo may be asked to take extra precautions, like adding a HEPA air filtration system, protecting surrounding equipment with tarps, adding a water jet to diminish dust. We will meet any precautions our client may have.

Our clients frequently hire us for their maintenance needs and up keep of their warehouses or productions areas. It’s important to keep the building clean to help maintain the quality of the product, to create a clean ideal working condition for the employees, to help eliminate any risks of fire and to help maintain the integrity of the building. Is your in house maintenance team swamped? Trexo can help lighten the work load for your employees. Cleaning your facilities would only improve production and it offers an excellent return on your investment.

At Trexo we are conscious that productivity is of upmost importance to our clients. With our highly flexible hours, our team is able to adjust and adapt to the demands and needs of our clients based on their production requirements. Our technicians are able to fulfill any list of predetermined tasks put together by your maintenance team.

Our Cleaning Methods at your Service

Here are some examples of production plants that would benefit from industrial cleaning:

Molding & Injection
Fabrication plant
Chemical products
Pulp and paper
Energy and automation

Whether your needs are for warehouse cleaning, maintenance of production and handling areas and others, our team is skilled to work in your facilities. With more than 30 years in the industrial cleaning buisness, call on Trexo’s expertise.

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