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Dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Services

Dry ice blasting is a proven technique that is both eco-friendly and effective. It is versatile, safe for electronic components and can be used to treat fragile surfaces.

Dry ice cleaning is a solution offered by Solutions Trexo. Our company is committed to efficiency, speed and the ability to provide solutions that are perfectly suited to each industry.

With our team’s expertise, we have been able to optimize the dry ice blasting procedure, and we are proud to offer an industrial cleaning solution that is so effective and eco-friendly.

Whether you’re located in Quebec or Ontario, call on Solutions Trexo for industrial cleaning services that meet your needs with professionalism and speed!

Dry ice blasting, gaining popularity in Montreal and Quebec

More and more clients are embracing dry ice blasting, a technique that minimizes the amount of dust that gets thrown up during the cleaning process. This method is prized for being fast and clean.

Trexo is a member of the Cognibox™ platform. Our team is qualified to carry out dry ice cleaning at great heights and in enclosed spaces, and is equipped to handle other specific needs as well.

If you believe your company is in need of deep cleaning but aren’t sure what your options are, contact us! With our expertise, we can provide solutions that are adapted to each company’s specific needs.

Solutions Trexo, dry ice cleaning and much more!

Far from only specializing in dry ice blasting, Solutions Trexo offers a comprehensive array of services that has made it one of the leaders in industrial cleaning in Quebec.  

Our teams strive to provide the most thorough cleaning possible using state-of-the-art products and environmentally-friendly practices. In addition to the variety of cleaning services we offer, we can also refurbish your equipment and protect your machines by applying industrial coatings.

The many possibilities of dry ice blasting

Dry ice cleaning can be used to clean:

Overhead crane
Plastic injection molding
Painting spray booth
Stationary and mobile mining equipement
Electrical components
Industrial oven
Extrusion die

What is dry ice blasting?

As its name suggests, dry ice blasting is a cleaning process that involves projecting small particles of dry ice at a surface. A pressurized air stream sends -79 °C particles flying at the surface, dislodging contaminants made brittle by the cold. Dry ice sublimates when it hits the air, helping the kinetic and thermal shock clean the surface and reducing the amount of clean-up required after the process is complete.

This method doesn’t generate any dust or residue other than the contaminant that is being removed, unlike sandblasting, which leaves behind a blasting medium that must be cleaned up. Dry ice blasting is eco-friendly because it doesn’t require the use of any harmful chemicals and is made of carbon dioxide, which is already present in the atmosphere.

Why choose dry ice cleaning with Solutions Trexo?

Our dry ice blasting services can benefit a wide variety of sectors. Low- and high-pressure dry ice blasting is non-toxic and is therefore suitable for food production plants and equipment. It’s an effective way of removing contaminants such as grease and oil, paint and primer, dust, creosote, soot, and glue. It can be used on machinery, equipment, building surfaces and structures.

Dry ice blasting is an excellent technique for post-disaster cleaning and mould treatments. It can be used to clean surfaces damaged by fire or water or contaminated by mould spores. Solutions Trexo can treat any type of surface by adapting the pressure, the nozzle and the rate at which the blasting medium is projected.

Whether you’re looking for localized or large-scale cleaning, Trexo has the expertise to adapt each treatment to the type of contaminant and surface in question. Contact us for more information.

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