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Plastic injection mold cleaning service

Dry Ice Cleaning for Plastic Injection Molds

In the plastic injection molding industry, a clean work environment is vital to produce high-quality parts and keep equipment functioning properly. At Trexo, our teams are aware of the unique challenges related to cleaning industrial plants used for plastic injection molding.

We will rely on years of experience to clean your plastic injection molding systems efficiently and effectively. Our specialized equipment is designed for all types of applications, and will keep your machines and injection molds in top working condition.

Our industrial cleaning methods comply with all quality and safety standards so that you can provide a safe working environment to your employees.

Trexo: industrial cleaning for plastic injection molds

Trexo professional cleaners have what it takes to meet the demands of plastic injection mold cleaning, and our services adhere strictly to today’s standards of plant cleanliness.

By choosing our industrial cleaning company, you are joining with a partner who is committed to keeping your plastic injection molding facilities in top operating condition. Choose professional industrial cleaning services to keep your production quality up to standard and your equipment well-maintained.

Plastic injection molding facilities cleaning services in Quebec and Ontario

Since being founded in 1987, Trexo has offered recognized industrial cleaning services throughout Quebec and Ontario. Today, we have the specialized skills required of the plastics injection industry.

Our qualified and committed team guarantees precise industrial facility cleaning services that will protect the integrity of your plastic injection molds and comply with all industrial cleanliness standards.

Benefits of industrial cleaning for plastic injection molding plants

Industrial cleaning services for plastic injection molding facilities offers several benefits:

Elimination of plastic residues
Disposal of plastic particles and debris
Elimination of production waste
Degreasing of presses and heavy equipment
Surface maintenance, to remove industrial hazards
Removal of corrosive deposits and chemical residues
Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
Equipment refurbishing

Why use a plastic injection mold cleaning service?

When you choose a specialized industrial cleaning service, you benefit from improved efficiency and production quality in your plastic molding facility. Our services help you minimize the risk of contamination, protect your equipment and keep your work environment safe.

Professional maintenance helps optimize production processes and extends the life of industrial equipment.

Choose Trexo for plastic injection mold dry ice cleaning in Quebec and Ontario

Whether your facility operates in Quebec or Ontario, Trexo can help keep your plastic injection mold facility clean and safe. We’re ready to step up to the challenge with a range of industrial cleaning and equipment maintenance solutions.

We are proud to offer industrial cleaning solutions that meet the high standards of various industries. Our strengths include:

  • Qualified teams trained to select the most effective industrial cleaning methods and tools
  • Advanced technologies and a wide range of specialized equipment
  • Successful cleaning projects in various industrial sectors
  • The ability to operate in a variety of locations, both in Quebec and Ontario
  • RBQ certification and membership of Alcumus SafeContractor.

If you need professional industrial cleaning services, just give us a call!

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