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Equipment and parts refurbishment

Extend your Equipment's Life

What is it to refurbish a part or an equipment? Refurbishing a part means, giving back some value to your equipment, revitalizing and restoring some of its integrity. Being able to deliver a quality refurbishment, a thorough cleaning, a strong protective finish all at the same time is what makes Trexo your best option for the job.

The method we recommend to achieve the best results mainly depends on the type of contaminant we need to clean. When it comes to refurbishment of your parts and equipment, these are steps that we follow: inspect the damage that was done, cleaning along with disassembly, replacement of any irreparable parts(mechanical, electrical, others), preparation before paint and then the application of a reassembly coating to finish. After a fire, refurbishment and protection are usually the first steps our clients take to get back on their feet.


Trexo has the experience and knowledge to recommend which method should be used to achieve the best results. For example, when cleaning a piece of production equipment, the first step would be to remove the waste by blasting with Dry Ice, then Soda Blasting  may be required to prepare the surface before we finish with paint and/or a protective coating. When it comes to delicate electrical components, the Ultrasound Bath at our office is a safe way to ensure a thorough cleaning without any residual damage. The biggest upside to refurbishing versus replacing, would be the cost and the money you’ll save. We can make the part or piece of equipment new again, sometimes even better. Even if you are just looking to sell, we will help restore some value to the item that we’ve worked on. Even from a environmental point of view, refurbishment is a better option than replacement. There are many cases where refurbishment is actually necessary, if you were to modify a piece of equipment (adding or removing parts),  or for insurance purposes. Inspections from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency can be quite rigorous, we can help you pass. An important point to consider would be purely for esthetics, we can make your parts or equipment shine again making them easier on the eyes.

Many Solutions at Hand

These are some examples of damages and debris that can be fixed and/or removed by refurbishment:

Oil and grease
Corrosive products
Electric arc/short-circuit
Hard fall

With thousands of jobs behind us, our vast experience allows us to work hand in hand with our clients and offer the best refurbishment for their equipment. Our expertise in mechanical, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic equipment allows us to understand and recommend exactly what your part or equipment needs. By following your plan or our recommendations, perhaps both, we will meet your needs. To see more concrete examples of Refurbishment, please see section Achievements.

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