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Equipment and parts refurbishment

Extend your Equipment's Life with our refurbishing company

What is equipment refurbishment? Equipment reconditioning is the upgrading of a piece of equipment used in production operations. For a single piece of equipment, we can offer a full range of cleaning and coating services, making us the partner of choice.

In both Quebec and Ontario, we maintain and revitalize your equipment. We’re renowned for our expertise: after a thorough diagnosis, we’ll use the best repair method to restore your industrial plant’s productivity.

Industrial equipment refurbishment and maintenance service

After years of use, and whatever the industry, all equipment needs maintenance and refurbishment to improve its condition and prevent accelerated deterioration. At Trexo, we have the expertise to take care of your maintenance and refurbishment needs through :

Preventive maintenance: Want to get ahead of the curve and plan equipment refurbishment? Our teams are on hand to support your preventive maintenance operations.
Machine rehabilitation: our technicians’ vast experience enables us to upgrade your equipment to regain precious years of production and original performance.

In addition to maintenance and refurbishment, we can treat and clean your equipment using the most effective methods available.

Solution Trexo, a complete equipment refurbishment offer

The nature of the work to be carried out depends mainly on the type of contaminant to be cleaned. The steps involved in a typical equipment repair mandate are often as follows: damage assessment, combined cleaning and dismantling, replacement of mechanical, electrical or other components if necessary, preparation before painting, application of specialized coatings and reassembly. In the event of a claim, the first step is obviously to protect the equipment.

Trexo has the expertise to choose the right procedures when awarding a contract. For example, a production contaminant can easily be removed using the dry ice process, while a soda blasting preparation prior to paint application may be necessary on the same equipment. Ultrasonic bath cleaning can also be useful for electronic components.

Many Solutions at Hand

These are some examples of damages and debris that can be fixed and/or removed by refurbishment:

Oil and grease
Corrosive products
Electric arc/short-circuit
Hard fall

What is the importance of equipment refurbishment

Our customers choose our equipment refurbishment service for a number of reasons.
Here are the main benefits of industrial plant maintenance and refurbishment:

  • Savings: the cost of refurbishment is lower than the cost of replacement and disposal.
  • Efficiency: equipment is restored to its original performance or even better. They also regain an excellent resale value.
  • Ecological: from an environmental point of view, refurbishing is often more attractive than scrapping.
  • Regulatory compliance: in some cases, refurbishment may be essential for a change in production type, or even for insurance reasons, or for inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Aesthetics: in some cases, the aim of the intervention may be to improve the overall visual appearance of a machine or part.
    There are many reasons to opt for equipment maintenance rather than replacement. To ensure that your investment pays off and that your equipment performs well over the long term, mastery of the various methods is essential.

This is one of the many strengths of our company, which specializes in industrial cleaning: acquired since 1987, our various solutions offer you customized, meticulous maintenance.

Why entrust our equipment refurbishment compagny ?

Having completed hundreds of projects, we’re used to working closely with our customers to offer them retrofit solutions tailored to their equipment. Our expertise in mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and other fields enables us to fully understand your equipment refurbishment needs. According to your budget, or by following our recommendations based on your needs, we carry out all project scopes with rigor.

See some concrete examples of equipment refurbishment in our Achievements section.

If you need fast, efficient industrial cleaning or equipment refurbishment services, no matter where you are in Quebec, we’d love to help. Contact us today.

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