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High-Pressure Water Blasting: Definition, Role and Benefits

High-pressure water blasting is a well-known technique that is used in many sectors in Canada, including the industrial sector. This high-pressure cleaning process has specific characteristics that make it effective against a wide variety of contaminants.

In this article, our industrial cleaning experts explain everything you need to know about high-pressure water blasting and its advantages for your business.

What is high-pressure water blasting?

High-pressure water blasting is a cleaning process that uses intense pressure to spray hot or cold water through a hose against a surface. The technique makes the most of the pressurized water jet to dislodge dirt and debris. Meanwhile, the very hot water used in power washing effectively removes grease from surfaces.

While the technique is well-known when it comes to washing the exteriors of buildings, it is also commonly used in industrial facilities. High-pressure water blasting is a very effective way of deep cleaning industrial machines and tools and removing the filth that encrusts them over time. Hiring a company that provides water blasting services to clean your equipment ensures that it will be more effective and have a longer lifespan.

High-pressure water blasting: a popular solution in many sectors

Building owners often use high-pressure water blasting to clean their decks and walls. This type of high-pressure cleaning is also commonly used to remove graffiti.

Professional high-pressure water blasting is particularly suitable for cleaning food-processing tanks, factory façades and industrial machinery.

High-pressure water blasting is used in many sectors because of its ability to effectively eliminate dust, mud, metal or wood residue, and much more. The food, industrial, mechanical and automotive sectors regularly make use of high-pressure cleaning companies.

What are the benefits of high-pressure water blasting?

As mentioned above, high-pressure water blasting has benefits for a wide variety of industries. But what exactly makes it so popular?

Efficient cleaning

One of the main advantages of high-pressure water blasting is its efficiency. Combined with gentle soap, it takes very little time to completely cleanse a façade or industrial equipment.

Like soda blasting and dry ice blasting, high-pressure water blasting is a formidable tool against most debris and residue. With heated water that can reach 160 °C, the process effectively breaks down grime and has powerful cleansing properties, eliminating bacteria without damaging the surface.

Effective in hard-to-reach areas

The ability to clean hard-to-reach areas is another significant benefit of high-pressure water blasting. When cleaning an industrial plant, it’s almost impossible to reach every nook and cranny, but it can be done with high-pressure cleaning.

The pressurized water jets get into your equipment and flush out all contaminants without risk of damage. Contact industrial cleaning experts to get your plant looking good as new!

Impeccable precision

The hose used to spray the pressurized water is adjustable, enabling the cleaning specialist to target a specific area with a continuous jet of water. The flow can also be adjusted based on the area that needs to be cleaned, providing exceptional precision.

This is a crucial advantage for sectors that require precision cleaning for their equipment or machinery, such as the industrial or food-processing sector.

Contact Solutions Trexo for effective high-pressure cleaning

With such variation between different sectors and machines, high-pressure cleaning needs to be adaptable. Professional cleaning companies must be familiar with their client’s business and operations in order to adjust their services to suit the equipment in question.

At Solutions Trexo, we know how vital equipment cleaning is to plant safety. That’s why our teams use the best cleaning practices to offer you impeccable results.

If you require high-pressure water blasting services for your equipment or plant, contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!