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Respecter la sécurité en usine

5 Guidelines to Promote Safety at Industrial Plants

At industrial plants where operations involve a certain amount of danger and risk, safety must be a priority. Workplace safety is vital for both the health of the employees and the continuity of the company.

In this article, our industrial cleaning experts present 5 guidelines to promote safety at your company.

Why is plant safety so important?

Ensuring plant safety is an indispensable component of any continuous improvement strategy. As long as humans are involved in the production process, precautions must be taken and all new procedures must be carefully vetted before they are implemented.

Employee health and safety must be a top priority for every plant and company. When an accident occurs at an industrial plant, there can be serious consequences for the workers and those living nearby. Property can also be damaged or destroyed in such situations, with lasting effects on the company’s revenue.

All of these factors make industrial plant safety a key concern. Follow these 5 guidelines to improve safety at your company!

1. Regular communication about plant safety rules

To ensure employees’ safety and well-being, it’s vital to take a preventive approach and make sure they understand the plant safety rules that must be followed. Clear communication from management can make all the difference when working in new or unfamiliar environments where there may be confusion about what steps to take in the event of an emergency.

To ensure a safe work environment, each worker must have access to the safety guidelines that apply to their work station. These may include how to react in the event of a fire or emergency evacuation, as well as the specific steps that must be taken in these situations.

With an understanding of plant safety rules and reminders at their disposal, workers will feel more comfortable and will be able to react more quickly if a problem occurs.

2. Clean and tidy premises

Each worker should be in the habit of cleaning and tidying their work station at the end of the day. Clean and tidy premises help prevent illness and equipment deterioration as well as making machines and tools safer to use.

Hiring industrial plant cleaning professionals promotes optimal efficiency and output. You’ll find that regular cleaning increases productivity as well as improving safety.

3. Preventive equipment maintenance

When it comes to plant safety, it’s better to be proactive in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Preventive equipment maintenance can go a long way towards eliminating workplace hazards.

Leaving substandard equipment in service can present real dangers for the operators. As machines age, their performance may decrease as well as posing risks for the employees using them.

Unlike corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance is a proactive strategy to keep equipment in good working order on an ongoing basis.

4. Tailor solutions to the needs of your industry

When choosing the right protective equipment for your plant, it is important to consider both the hazards and the sector your company is involved in. For example, a car factory will require different flooring than a food processing plant.

Next, you’ll need to have your equipment cleaned with the proper cleaning method. This may involve applying coatings or dry ice blasting.

You’ll also need personal protective equipment to protect your employees from hazards. If they are working at great heights or near toxic substances, provide them with helmets or goggles to protect them from the danger.

5. Organize work spaces with safety in mind

Providing your employees with the proper equipment and recruiting qualified workers won’t be enough to eliminate the risk of accidents. For an industrial safety strategy to be effective, you’ll need to implement a variety of measures. Even the way you organize the space within your plant should be optimized for safety. Each of these factors plays an important role in risk prevention.

The way traffic flows in your industrial plant can have a significant impact on safety. People should be kept out of the paths of machines in order to avoid dangerous situations. For added safety when it comes to traffic flow, it’s a good idea to mark aisles and protect workers by placing barriers.

How Solutions Trexo can help improve your industrial plant’s safety

Solutions Trexo offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit clients in various sectors.

Our experience, innovation and knowledge of industrial processes make Solutions Trexo an ideal partner for equipment treatment and cleaning. Performed with precision and care, our cleaning services can help you improve safety at your plant.

Contact us for more information about our services! We will be happy to answer all of your questions.