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Utilisation d'une autobrosse par un profesionnel du nettoyage industriel

What are the Main Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, businesses are always looking for ways to keep up with new technology in an effort to make their work as efficient as possible. The same goes for industrial cleaning companies.

The types of cleaning equipment available on the market are as diverse and varied as the tasks they perform. In this article, our experts present several types of industrial cleaning equipment that are widely used in the field.

Industrial cleaning equipment for every need

Industrial cleaning professionals must have a vast selection of equipment available in order to meet the various needs of their clients. Industrial cleaning equipment may be designed to clean clients’ floors, walls, ceilings or production machinery.

Here are the different types of industrial equipment that our cleaning experts use to serve our clients.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are the most common solution for cleaning plants, stores and warehouses. There are a variety of different models available, so it’s important to consider power, size, and the type of floor when selecting which one to use.

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners that specialize in water and dust and can clean both solid and liquid particles
  • Injector/extractor vacuums that specialize in carpeted surfaces
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners for chimney sweeping
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners that specialize in carpentry and vacuuming wood chips

Floor machines

Floor machines are used for various cleaning operations, including sweeping, washing and scouring. Equipped with a circular brush that can reach 400 revolutions per minute, they can remove even the most stubborn stains.

Floor machines can also be equipped with various accessories to adapt to different types of flooring. They can effectively clean everything from hard floors and concrete to carpets and rugs. A professional industrial cleaning operator will be able to assess each client’s needs and adapt their equipment use accordingly.

Pressure washers

More encrusted grime requires the use of exceptionally effective high-performance industrial cleaning equipment. High-pressure water blasting is used when a surface proves particularly difficult to clean.

For your warehouse floor and grounds, a pressure washer is a great tool to ensure effortless cleaning every time.

Industrial sweepers

Sweepers are a vital piece of industrial cleaning equipment. They can be used for daily or occasional maintenance, on small or large surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Fast and effective, sweepers provide impeccable cleanliness and hygiene, working around the irregularities in your floors and ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Like a regular broom, a sweeper collects dust and debris. A variety of brushes can be used depending on the type of debris in question. Bristle length, density and stiffness can all affect the result. Furthermore, this type of industrial cleaning equipment can have different propulsion methods depending on the size of the surface you need to cover:

  • Pulled for small surfaces
  • Manual for areas over 200 square metres
  • Motorized for areas over 1,000 square metres
  • Ride-on for areas over 2,000 square metres

Industrial floor scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are the machine of choice for cleaning large surface areas at industrial plants and other facilities. This type of industrial cleaning equipment can polish and dry floors in a single pass.

The time that can be saved by using a floor scrubber makes it a favourite among industrial cleaning experts. Due to its exceptional efficiency, it is generally used to clean large surfaces, entire plants and parking lots.

Solutions Trexo: industrial cleaning equipment experts

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Feel free to contact us for advice on industrial cleaning and maintenance at your company. Health and safety are at the heart of our values. Whether you’re looking for the right industrial cleaning equipment or a high-quality cleaning service, we will meet your needs with integrity and distinction.