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Nettoyage au CO2

Why Choose CO2 Cleaning?

In the continually evolving world of industrial cleaning technology, CO2 cleaning is emerging as a revolutionary solution that combines efficiency and respect for the environment. Far from being a mere trend, this method represents a significant advance in the way companies approach precision cleaning. But what makes CO2 cleaning so special, and why is it rapidly gaining popularity in a variety of industrial sectors?

In this article, the experts at our industrial cleaning company take a look at the many facets of carbon dioxide cleaning and why it can be a useful solution for your company.

What is CO2 cleaning?

CO2 cleaning, also known as dry ice blasting, uses carbon dioxide in a so-called “supercritical” state. At this stage, the CO2 demonstrates properties of both a liquid and a gas, allowing it to penetrate the smallest cracks and corners to effectively remove contaminants.

This process usually takes place in a special cleaning chamber, where supercritical CO2 is sprayed onto the parts being cleaned. Impurities are dissolved and removed, leaving equipment clean and residue-free.

CO2 cleaning process explained

The process begins by converting gaseous CO2 to a supercritical state by heating it and putting it under pressure. Once in this state, the CO2 is sprayed onto the objects that need cleaning, where it dissolves and washes away oils, greases, residues and other contaminants. After cleaning, the CO2 reverts to its gaseous state, evaporating completely and leaving no waste or wet residue.

How CO2 cleaning is different from traditional cleaning methods

Unlike traditional industrial plant cleaning methods, which often rely on chemical solvents or large quantities of water, the carbon dioxide cleaning process is much more environmentally friendly. It generates no liquid waste and minimizes the risk of pollution. It is also non-abrasive and causes no damage to delicate surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of applications, notably in the electronics and aerospace industries.

Benefits of CO2 blast cleaning

Now that you know the fundamentals of CO2 blast cleaning, let’s take a look at the concrete benefits of using this revolutionary method in your industry.

Efficient and precise

Dry ice blasting cleans deeply, with precision. In its supercritical state, carbon dioxide can penetrate extremely small and complex spaces, removing contaminants from surfaces where traditional methods would fail. For best results, we recommend using an industrial cleaning contractor.

CO2 cleaning is exceptionally effective when used in

  • Electronic component cleaning: Removes residues without damaging sensitive circuits
  • Art restoration: Cleans without damaging delicate materials
  • Aerospace industry: Removes contaminants from precision parts without compromising their integrity

Reduced environmental impact

Cleaning with liquid CO2 is an environmentally friendly method. It leaves a small ecological footprint compared with conventional methods.

The ecological footprint of CO2 cleaning

  • No liquid waste: Eliminates the need for wastewater treatment
  • Reduced VOC emissions: Minimizes the release of volatile organic compounds, which are often present in traditional cleaning solvents
  • Use of recycled CO2: The CO2 used for industrial cleaning used often comes from recycled sources, which reduces its impact on global warming.

Health and safety

CO2 cleaning offers significant safety benefits in industrial environments.

Safety benefits for operators

  • No exposure to hazardous chemicals: Reduces the risk of contact with harmful substances
  • Less risk of fire and explosion: CO2 is an inert gas, which eliminates the risks associated with the use of flammable solvents.

Impact on health and the working environment

  • Healthier working environment: When you use CO2, there are no solvent or chemical fumes, which helps preserve air quality in your facility.
  • Reduced risk of occupational illness: CO2 cleaning reduces the risk of illnesses linked to chemical exposure, such as dermatitis or respiratory disorders.

Solutions Trexo, your CO2 cleaning expert

Carbon dioxide cleaning represents a major advance in industrial cleaning. This revolutionary method offers unrivalled efficiency, precision and safety and minimizes the environmental impact of the cleaning process.

The industrial cleaning experts at Trexo Solutions understand the importance of adopting cutting-edge technologies and environmentally friendly methods to meet the specific needs of each customer. With our CO2 cleaning expertise, we can offer you high-quality industrial cleaning services adapted to a wide range of applications. Choosing Trexo Solutions means opting for a reliable and innovative partner in plant cleaning. Contact us today to find out how we can help